The mission of Dream India Transformation is to transform communities by spiritually empowering people, though Word, Education, Health and Community development.

Dream India Transformation is a non-profit Charitable organization which started with a vision to see India rise above poverty, illiteracy, injustice, revenge, envy and hatred in the name of cast, color and creed. Our dream is to see transformation come to individuals, families and entire communities. 

We long for a time when no one will live in hunger or be homeless, and where underprivileged children will receive a satisfactory education and have access to good health as India is transformed by empowering one life at a time. We believe God’s intent plant for humanity is that we may have life and have it to the full. 

It gives us immerse joy whenever we present sarees to widows, blankets to the needy, or by helping orphans and underprivileged children receive a good education. As our work has expanded we have learned that only a life lived for others is worth living. We acknowledge that education is the key to securing the future of today’s children. 

We have already seen many significant economic and social changes taking place in several communities, but we are far from achieving the transformation we dream about. There is lot of work yet to be done, among different groups of people in both rural and urban settings. 

We warmly welcome your cooperation and partnership as together we fulfill these dreams of a transformed India. Together we can make the difference!
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Dream India Transformation
At/P.O: Kosagumuda, 
Odisha, INDIA