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We know from the first book of the Bible that humankind was created as the image of God, dependent on God like the rest of creation but called into personal relationship with him. The creator’s image on earth is humankind, male and female, who together represent and reflect his rule over earth. But our imaging of God’s rule of justice and freedom has been corrupted, defaced by our rebellion. So we as human beings no longer reflect God to the rest of the creation. But in Christ we see the true Adam, humanity restored. 
Today the world is experiencing unprecedented change. Technology is already transforming the way we live. At the same time it is also a time marked by increased worldwide violence, uncertain economies, and unpredictable upheavals in human societies. The full impact of globalization is just beginning to be felt, and it signals daunting challenges for us all.

But here is the hope, the risen body of Jesus is the beginning of new transformation. Hebrew poets, prophets taught and speculated about in writings. Good God made the world and made it good & And the same good God, sought out the end. Judgment not in negative sense smashing it away, but in a good sense, hiring the case and finding favor, yes at last it’s going to be all right. 

I believe that God has placed us strategically for such a time as this, to proclaim good news to the poor, freedom for the prisoner, and to set the oppressed free, from socially, economically, and spiritually. I challenge you to be a part of this great movement of transformation by involving yourself in terms of giving your time or by extending your helping hand.

Together we can make the difference!

May the grace of the triune God abound in you!

Rev. Pankaj Kumar Sipa

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