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There are many ways to get involved & support what we are doing through Dream India Transformation Ministries in India. No matter how you partner with us we are connected; whatever we do, wherever we go for the Lord you are there with us. You can partner financially—through donations, church offerings, special projects, or via support for ministry leaders or a special project. You can be our prayer partner. You can be a “champion” for us and help us communicate our mission to those in your sphere of influence. You can attend ministry events and special services and help us communicate our mission and vision. No matter how you join with us we encourage you to partner with our ministry. With your support we will continue to manifest the Love of God in Actions around the India. After visiting website you should be able to see how much we are in need of your kind involvement through various ways.

  1. Partner
    You can Introduce ourselves, spread our ministries to others and Be a part of the conferences and spread the word to your leaders and friends.
  2. Prayer
    Behind each of our foundational strategies lies one common element . . . fervent prayer. The primary way everyone can be involved is in praying for our Ministries. Stand with us in prayer that we may become an even greater blessing touching so many lives. we covet your partnership in prayer. Through prayer, we may be empowered to complete the vision that God has set before us. It is the single greatest gift that you can give to our ministry.
  3. Visit Us
    It is more than a HOLIDAY…Come and experience India from a different perspective than the tourist brochures portray. Look beyond the wastelands of brokenness and despair, and see Heaven’s Hope…Freedom…Joy…and Redemption. If you are an individual, group, business or church Interested in making a difference then we invite you to put a team together from your work place, friends, church, sporting or social groups and come over. we would love to have you volunteer with us to manifest the love of Christ in action. Your time, talents and finances can make a great difference. You can get involved in serving alongside our ministry by bringing your time, talents and gifting to visit us in India. If you are interested in making a trip, feel free to email us and let’s figure out how you can serve and minister with True Life Ministries. We look forward to seeing you and the great things will take place in our midst. In addition, we also want you to have some fun and a little relaxation too. Therefore, we encourage you to absorb all you can from the beautiful scenery and unique Asian culture, explore the different sensations of the country through new flavors, fragrances and sounds. And of course, don’t forget to capture loads of memorable moments for your photo albums back home.
  4. Give US
    Invest into God's kingdom to make eternal difference. Partner financially with a onetime or a recurring gift.
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