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For many children in India, school is just a dream. Caught in the cycle of poverty and exploitation, they are lost to education and thereby opportunities for life.
Through non-formal education and remedial classes, Dream India Transformation ensures that every child has access to quality education, equal opportunities, and an environment to develop holistically. By providing the right combination of educational, extra-curricular, and financial support to poor and orphaned children as well as youth, DIT aims to inspire dreams among those who, otherwise, do not stand a chance.
Regular giving (or direct debit) helps us Plan ahead for long term projects. There is an urgent need for regular giving as the people we work with, need help every day. And your regular donation will help bring about a substantial change in their lives.
You will not only be ensuring a bright future to the children but also the entire community the child is from.
We Dream India Transformation perform an acts of Outreach in order to minister among people with the Gospel. DIT also extends services like distribution of blankets, gospel tracks, distribution of Holy Bible, encouraging them in demonstration themselves in knowing the truth of the Scripture. We spent our time in prayer and forming a small prayer groups in different areas. DIT establish and planted different churches with an appropriate spiritual leader, to meet the people’s physical, social and spiritual need. Though Outreach Ministry we reconcile man to God to build a stronger relationship and grow, renewal of Spirit, uplifting dying souls for the expansion of God’s kingdom. 
India is the 2nd largest country in terms of population and here the large part of the population is suffering from illiteracy and suffering from lack of knowledge and education. To increase the literacy rate Dream India Transformation is striving toward Adult Education. 

Adult Education aim is to provide the opportunity to the adult ones who did not get the education, adult education gives mature once a chance to be educated and developed their skills and make them able to read, write and learn new things. 
During the baseline survey DIT observed that a key problem in rural areas was unemployment. DIT came up with Sewing Machine Training is to create employment opportunities for disadvantaged adolescent girls in rural areas or women widowed at an early age by providing training in tailoring skills and a sewing machine.  The training sessions are conducted throughout the year whenever there is a requirement. 
It is held for 4 hours every morning. At the end of the training the women are provided with a sewing machine and a kit to start their own little business. 
The support provided helps young women (who have unfortunately been widowed in their adolescence), learn basic skills in tailoring and provides them with a sewing machine to start earning on their own. 
This would help them with a sustainable and self-reliant source of livelihood. 
 Women Empowerment
 Transformation Centre
 School and College
Transformational Centre stands for complete change in someone’s life. We mainly focus on youths who are completely addicted in different kinds of intoxication or have chosen the wrong pattern of living or have under gone harassment, stress, failure, unemployment, neglected, inferiority complex etc. 
DIT encourages and aim for the renewal of inner spirit and outward behaviors with freedom and direction for the self growth of each person. 
When natural disasters and humanitarian crises strike, communities are often devastated and left vulnerable, having little access to some of life's essentials, such as food, clean water, shelter, and basic services. With the tragic loss of human life, property, it effect and destroy their livelihood too. 
DIT not only morally or emotionally support them but also took the burden in helping and providing them few provision like food, clothes and shelter.
India is a country where population rations are more with the fast growing of poverty. Seeing the need of the people and village folks we DIT establish and run school in rural area. We not only train the children mentally, socially, but educate in removing of untouchability, superstition, practice of religious unbelief and guide them to the truth and way of living. 
We give specific opportunity to those youths who face the challenges in their life and strive with the society by providing them financial support for the college education. DIT also provides scholarship to encourages in pursuing their further studies.
Women all over the world face the dark reality of abandonment, exploitation, and abuse. Dream India Transformation works to reach the most vulnerable of these with the light of the Gospel. We meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women through programs like abuse prevention, trafficking awareness, general/maternal health and infant care, vocational training, family counselling, and discipleship.
 Skill Development Program
Free Medical Camp
Bore Well Project
As a part of our efforts to make basic healthcare accessible for all, Dream India Transformation organizes free health camps in villages, providing succour to people. Many of these villages have no healthcare facilities or even a qualified healthcare worker. Dream India Transformation provides doctors, nurses, medical equipment, and other aid through your donation our medical arm, while administering hope through the healing power of the Great Physician.
India is one of fastest growing population country but backward in this development around the villages. There are still few villages been surrounded by huge forest and captured by the moist groups, where is no development nor transportation can be done. DIT aims such villages and survey on helping the poor village’s folks who had to travels 2-3 kilometers to fetch drinking. To help such people DIT has taken this step providing water by digging bore well. 
Dream India Transformation believes in giving a ‘second chance’ to the out of school deprived youth and help them earn a decent living. By providing vocational training and life skills, we intend to turn the less privileged youth into an asset for the society and the nation.  Our model ensures that the local community needs are met thus benefiting the youth as well as the entire community or village.
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