Dream India Transformation is a non-profit Charitable organization which started with a vision to see India rise above poverty, illiteracy, injustice, revenge, envy and hatred in the name of cast, color and creed. Our dream is to see transformation come to individuals, families and entire communities. 

We long for a time when no one will live in hunger or be homeless, and where underprivileged children will receive a satisfactory education and have access to good health as India is transformed by empowering one life at a time. We believe God’s intent plant for humanity is that we may have life and have it to the full.
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Dream India Transformation
At/P.O: Kosagumuda, 
Odisha, INDIA
We know from the first book of the Bible that humankind was created as the image of God, dependent on God like the rest of creation but called into personal relationship with him. The creator’s image on earth is humankind, male and female, who together represent and reflect his rule over earth. But our imaging of God’s rule of justice and freedom has been corrupted, defaced by our rebellion. So we as human beings no longer reflect God to the rest of the creation. But in Christ we see the true Adam, humanity restored. More... 
Pankaj Sipa

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